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Nano Mister

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Introducing the Eyelash Emporium Nano Mister, handheld humidifier.  

End your lash treatment with the grand finale, a mist of relaxing and refreshing water.

Say goodbye to long curing times, activate curing immediately and with the Nano Mister humidifier, cutting curing time to just 4-10 hours. 

With each Nano Mister you will receive:

  • USB charging cable
  • Plastic refill bottle

Benefits of Nano Mister:

  • The Nano Mister speeds up curing time.
  • Using the Nano Mister allows clients to get their lashes wet sooner.
  • Rapid curing, means fewer irritations and reactions to fumes.
  • Clients can be less prone to dry, red eyes as the Nano Mister helps to restore natural moisture to the clients eyes.

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