• Coloured 'Mink' Lashes Mixed Lengths

Coloured 'Mink' Lashes Mixed Lengths


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It's taken a while to produce semi-permanent coloured lashes that are just as soft, silky and light as the rest of our Platinum Edition 'Mink' tray lashes. You've probably seen some of the gorgeous effects possible with coloured lashes, either as accents or sets. Until now you could only get the colours in hard, dull acrylic or heavier gauge. We can't wait to see what you're going to create with these stunning lashes. Available now in mixed length trays of our most popular sizes.

Each tray contains 12 strips of 0.07mm C-Curl Lashes in lengths 10mm - 13mm meaning you can create a number of looks just from one tray!

For our already best-in-class products we’ve changed the set – that’s the props not the talent. There is a chance you will receive your product in our original packaging but don’t worry, it is still the same great quality.

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