For Lashes Born Backstage it's The Eyelash Emporium

At The Eyelash Emporium, we live lashes. Show-stopping, eye-popping, jaw-dropping lashes. Born back stage at Pinewood studios, we’re lash specialists; leading our field, raising the bar and delivering highly technical products and treatments with expertly honed skills.

Exceptionally crafted and expertly applied professional lashes, perfected by our award-winning technician training in semi-permanent lash extensions, delivered to the best salons in the business. From there on in, those talented technicians are part of our team and we work closely with them to make sure they've got all the expert, ongoing support they need to achieve amazing lashes.

With our beautiful, big screen lashes there is no special effects, just eye-dropping, show-dropping, jaw-dropping lashes. Inspired by more than 20 years of making up movie starlets, our lash products now look as good as the lashes we create…

Roll Camera, Cue Lashes

At The Eyelash Emporium we are all lash extension technicians ourselves, and what we want from our adhesive is simple: long-lasting, high-performance and low price. Our range of professional use adhesives were developed to tick all these boxes and that is what makes them some of the most sought after products in the industry.

Based in Pinewood Studios, the prestigious hub of the UK film industry, we are used to providing celebrities and make-up artists with faultless lashes. With high definition filming, the demand for excellence in front of the camera means that we must exercise stringent quality control over all the products in our range – only the best will do when shooting that close up.

When it comes to your eyes, your technician needs to be a confident trained expert. That’s why we run the most rigorous training course in the country and are confident in our award-winning team of technicians and the industry-leading training we’ve given them. We want everyone to love our lashes, so we give our technicians and clients the support they need, for however long they need.

What Makes Us Different?

Born at the movies – Based at Pinewood Studio, we’ve grown our range to bring you really exceptional lashes. We’re an award-winning team with an incredible heritage. We know our lashes and we’re proud to share them.

Big screen lashes –Inspired by more than 20 years of making up movie starlets and used on-set in iconic motions like Les Miserables, we’re constantly researching new lash lengths, materials and techniques to help you get beautiful results, every time.

Award-winning – Proud winners of the prestigious Beauty Guild Award of Excellence for training 3 consecutive years. We provide industry-leading training, and support and nurture our talented technicians.

Experts on call - No problem. Everyone who answers our phones is a qualified lash technician who’s ready to help

Quality and Affordable - The demand for excellence in front of the camera means that we must deliver, and deliver we do, both on quality and on price.