So you've decided you want to train in eyelash extension. What's next? Well first you need to choose who to train with. 

With so many eyelash extension training courses on the market, how do you know which course to choose? 

Ask if the course has been accredited
Finding courses which are accredited are a good place to start. Most beauty courses in the UK will be accredited by The Beauty Guild – the largest professional beauty trade body in the UK. To be awarded a Guild Awards accreditation, a training provider must have had its course properly assessed – so you’re guaranteed the training you receive is set to a professional standard.

By training with a provider who has accreditation you will have access to discounted insurance, membership and the support of professionals, should you encounter problems.

Ask how many CPD points the course has been awarded
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are a good guide to what the course involves. Each accredited course will be awarded a points score based on what the course will actually teach you. So, the higher the points, usually the more content the course will teach you. CPD points can be combined across treatments to build up to further qualifications.

Ask what the course involves
Most eyelash extension courses are one day only but it isn’t possible to do one day of training and be fully proficient in eyelash extensions. You need time to work on the technique and gradually build up your skill and confidence. The best way to learn after your course is through case studies – so ask if your provider works this way. Case studies give detailed feedback on lashing work – they allow you to improve and be comfortable before offering the treatment to paying clients. It’s also a good idea to ask about what ongoing support is offered to you during and after your training. You want to be confident that a training provider will be able to offer you advice whenever you need their help.

Ask what product is included
Are you getting a kit as part of your training? If you’re paying a high price for your training, you’re unlikely to want to fork out for all your lashing products as well. If your course comes with a kit, check out what it’s going to include so you know exactly any other costs involved before you embark on your new career.

Look for reviews and ask for course recommendations
Look for award-winning training providers voted by customers – after all, the best kind of feedback is that of past students who have already sat the course! You can also stumble across many reviews on social media and lash forums to discover what kind of experience a training provider offers.