With so many eyelash adhesives on the market, we understand that finding the right one for you could be a bit of a maze! 

At The Eyelash Emporium we understand that your eyelash glue is what can make or break a lash treatment. It's for that reason, that we work closely with our team of lash educators to produce the best possible, award-winning lash supplies. 

We currently have four adhesives in our eyelash product range:

Master Artist Professional Eyelash Adhesive

  • Created for advanced classic and volume lash artists
  • 1-2 seconds drying time
  • 3 weeks wear

Blockbuster Ultra Platinum Professional Eyelash Adhesive

  • Great for intermediate and advanced artists
  • 2-3 seconds drying time
  • 2-3 weeks wear

Epic Medium Viscosity Professional Eyelash Adhesive

  • Perfect for building lashing confidence
  • 3-5 seconds drying time
  • 2-3 weeks wear

Motion Sensitive Professional Eyelash Adhesive 

  • Ideal for Express lash treatments
  • 5-7 seconds drying time
  • 7-10 days wear

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