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    Which Eyelash Extension Adhesive Is Right For You?

    With so many eyelash adhesives on the market, we understand that finding the right one for you could be a bit of a maze!  At The Eyelash Emporium we understand that your eyelash glue is what can make or break a lash treatment. It's for that reason, that we work closely with our team of lash educa... View Post
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    3 Reasons Why You'll love Our Master Artist Adhesive

    Presenting our best-selling Master Artist Eyelash Adhesive - the perfect addition to any lash artists' lash kit. Here's three reasons why you'll love it! View Post

Top Tips & Hints from The Experts at The Eyelash Emporium

From troubleshooting to the best tweezers to use for each type of application, we are able to provide all the answers you need to become a fantastic lash artist.


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