3 Reasons Why You'll love Our Master Artist Adhesive

Presenting our best-selling Master Artist Eyelash Adhesive - the perfect addition to any lash artists' lash kit. 

Wide humidity range
With a humidity range of 40-70%. This eyelash glue has the widest humidity range of all our adhesives - making it more stable in changing environments. It's for this reason exactly, why we recommend it for the Australian market. 

This professional eyelash extension adhesive has a setting time of 1-2 seconds making it ideal for advanced lash artists. It works perfectly for classic and volume treatments. 

Maximum retention
Our Master Artist Eyelash Adhesive has strong retention - helping your lash creations stay in place for 2-3 weeks - whilst still maintaining a low odour.

Don't believe us - try our Master Artist Eyelash Adhesive for yourself!

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